Tom Cronin fell into a 26 year career as a broker after traveling the world as a young man. This career took him down a path of drugs, alcohol and partying. A lifestyle befitting of the industry at the time.


After 10 years behind the desk Tom was about to call it quits on life, not just his career, so he turned to meditation. This momentous change in his life extended his career another 16 years and has since morphed into a jump from the broking world to global leader and educator in the practice of meditation.


Tom now changes the lives of many, not just corporates, through the practice of meditation. So passionate and in demand is Tom, that he has just released a book and movie called, The Portal.


Learn about Tom’s journey, his practices, recommendations on how to start meditating and the long term benefits to not only your health and wellbeing but your career.




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