Dr Jaime Hope is a has a bio that would leave most feeling envious;


• Attending Physician specializing in Emergency Medicine at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak USA

• Assistant Professor at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

• Author

• Public speaker

• Mother of young children


You may think that with this would come great confidence, even arrogance. Well, Jaime is an amazingly grounded, down to earth individual who like us all, still suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’ from time to time. What is ‘imposter syndrome’, well, you will have to listen in.


Jaime walks us through her life and career journey, from being a first-generation college student to her first public speaking experience. If you have ever felt that you are out of your depth or did not fit in in a room, then Jaime’s open and honest chat will make you realize you are not alone.


Jaime is unique in her approach to medicine, in that she is an advocate for natural therapies, clean eating and the healing powers of food. Typically not two worlds that come together. Jaime talks about her latest book ‘Habit That’ and how easily we can create habits in our life…..both good and bad.








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